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The biggest and first Cannabis/Weed server on Discord! Over 300+ members online. Talk to stoners all over the world!

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The highest grade community with crptocurrency support and a huge following to back it.

With over 10,000+ Followers behind our social media accounts within the last year, we are making noise and growing on a daily basis.


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Learn new growing techniques, trade high grade genetics, discuss and purchase cannabis stocks in ChronicChat! Take a look at our blog-section for articles relating to gaining extra weed cash and starting your own cannabis related buisness.

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Thanks to the team at Psynaptic Media, we have finally released a beta version of our stream miner. 
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We will soon offer 1 week – 48 month cloud mining contracts, all our miners will be availble to be monitered on our 24/7 hour live camera feed. Watch your miner anytime! 

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Over 8 different channels to keep the conversation flowing!


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Chronic Clothing Released

Hey Guys! We know you’ve been waiting for a long time, and we know we drug our asses on this launch but, without further ado… Preorders for our first line[…]

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Getting an account set up on bongz Signing up to bongz is easy, but your security matters to us! In 2015 alone, 2 in 5 people had their information compromised,[…]

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