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Getting an account set up on bongz

Signing up to bongz is easy, but your security matters to us! In 2015 alone, 2 in 5 people had their information compromised, had an account hacked, or had a password stolen. With technology advancing day by day, one can never be 100% certain on the safety on their accounts, but there are steps that can be taken to keep your passwords and personal data safe!
1. Use a strong password and change it often!
Use a password manager to generate strong passwords and to remember them for you, but be sure to change your password once every (insert number here) [months/days]. Unsure if your password is secure enough? is a great tool for that!.
2. A random password generator secure than 1tun3zfu(|n9$u(|(5101 [or any other stupid combo you come up with)
Password managers like LastPass is great for this, as they not only randomly generate passwords, but they manage them for you.
3. Always turn on two-factor authentication
Always. This goes without saying.
4. Never, ever, under any circumstances give your password out to anyone. Ever.
Staff will NEVER ask you for you password. No exceptions.
5. Keep your machine clean!
Malware, viruses and other forms of malicious software can still compromise your security. Regularly run scans on your machine to ensure you are completely secure. (I don’t know what to put here)

For a detailed explanation on how to set up and use Lastpass head on over to their helpdesk {hyperlink: ]

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