Website Launch!

Crypto and Cannabis

Website Launch!

The Chronic Revolution Begins!
This website has been a long time coming and we’re proud to announce the launch of Bongz, the best user content driven for cannabis enthusiasts and crypto investors! Chat, sesh with and watch your friends all while earning crypto!

How does it work?

Mining is done passively on the side-panel of the website without any stress being added to your system. On average this will take no more then 2%-5% CPU usage depending on your processor, no more then traditional ad block plugins take on ad-ridden websites. This allows our website to maintain a clean appearance whether or not you chose to support the website financially.

Work isn’t without it’s rewards, either! Users will be able to cash in points earned from mining on ranks, twitch subscriptions, and IRL loot!
But why do I have to give my processing power to you? Traditionally, websites are funded through advertisements. These can vary from basic sidebar adverts to intrusive pop-ups. Advertisers can at times be shady and link to websites with malicious content. When certain websites were found to be hosting mining scripts that use end-user’s processing power without asking first, the creators of Bongz had an idea. Instead of intrusive advertisements or shady practices, why not only be clear with our intentions and offer rewards for the end-user taking part? This is the chronic revolution in action.

But won’t that ruin my computer?
Absoloutely not! Every operation the end user runs will ultimately use processing power, running or blocking advertisements! Adblockers work by reading off pre-designated or end-user written filters to block activity- an action that uses processing power. Enabled by default are often an adblocking list based on your local language and a list of ‘acceptable’ advertisements. Often, these ‘acceptable’ advertisements are still intrusive, and always, they still use processing power.
Imagine if you didn’t have to use an adblocker in the first place, because you didn’t see ads. Imagine getting rewarded for using a system that doesn’t display ads. Imagine a website that lets users decide how much power they put towards it’s function. This is the vision of the chronic revolution.
Shady business practices have been accepted on the internet for too long, it’s time for the age of ads to end!

Join Us!

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